Tabletops Unlimited Costco Representation

Project Description

Tabletops Unlimited, a manufacturer of housewares products, engaged the Tashman sales force to place the mortar and pestle set within Costco Wholesale by offering pallet buys to Costco corporate headquarters.

Our Goal

To place product within all 400+ US locations, ensure sell-thru, and become a trusted Costco repeat vendor.


After presenting product to the Costco buyers at Costco corporate headquarters, product was tested in eight Costco warehouse locations. Working directly with Tabletops Unlimited, Tashman provided guidance with shipping and packaging suggestions according to Costco guidelines. While monitoring sales, Tashman field personnel visited Costco locations to insure proper display. Once sales exceeded Costco’s weekly requirements, Tashman worked with buyers to plan rollout for all US locations. Sales from rollout were outstanding and 50% more product was placed in-line for the 2nd year, with sales also increasing 50% during the 2nd year. Product will be placed in US Costco locations for the 3rd year this year and Tabletops is working with the Tashman team and Costco to enhance the set for a fresh look.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

“When I think of Stan Tashman & Associates, I feel that they represent one of the finest Sales and Marketing groups I have ever or currently work with. They strive for perfection through the use of people, programs, follow through, and driving sales any way they can. Any company that has the good fortune of their representation should consider themselves lucky.”

–Liz Hackney, Western Regional Sales Manager, Elmer’s Products Inc.

“I have been associated with the Tashman agency both personally and professionally for over twenty years. You will never find a more dedicated agency in providing the best results for the companies they represent. Eazypower is very satisfied with the service they provide along with the increases in sales that result.”

–Sid Mandell, Western Regional Sales Manager, Eazypower Corporation

“The recommendations and praises from other factories and key people within The Home Depot are accurate and well deserved. After struggling with ongoing issues with other agencies…we feel our thorough screening truly enabled us to hire the strongest agency out there. You have assembled a very strong team, both in-house and in the field. There are many service agencies that provide service to factories, but your company is passionate about what they do and it shows.”

–Alice McCann, West Coast Account Manager, Baldwin Hardware Corporation

“Thanks for everything your team does for us. A special thanks to Chris for all the added support. The Buildex projects have been a real challenge and he and his team have really helped us out of several binds.”

– Joe LoBocchiaro, Regional Manager, ITW Brands

“The Tashman team has done a fantastic job of communicating with us, the stores, and executing the project flawlessly. Your teams have worked hard and they should know it!”

– Pat Kish, Director of Retail Business Development, Richelieu Hardware

“I wanted to thank you for your teams assistance this week with the hollow wall resets in Northern Cal. The guys did a great job with setting the bays, keeping their work area clean, and worked well alongside the other 3 vendors. It was quite a busy aisle and when all was done, no issues were reported and the sets looked great. Your team was instrumental with the success of these resets and I appreciate their continued hard work towards our programs.”

–Christine Bennick, District Sales Manager, ITW Brands

“I am really impressed with the quality of associates on your team, their diligence in ensuring set integrity, the outstanding job down-stocking our bays, and the dedication your team has consistently shown in our store in preparation for walks and events. It is always a pleasure to work with all of you.”

–Casey Vincent, Store Manager, The Home Depot