Lowe’s recycling centers to open nationwide

In a move meant to serve their customers and save the environment, Lowe’s has opened recycling centers nationwide. Cell phones, batteries and plastic shopping bags will be among the items that customers can drop off at the new energy efficient centers. All recycled material will be used to manufacture new products. The company hopes this new initiative will help reduce unnecessary waste within each branch’s respective community…Read More

Home Depot execs hit the aisles

As a way to improve operations, HOME DEPOT’S upper management is deploying its top executives to work along side its field employees in various stores. Up to 170 executives will rotate through three seasonal programs to insure participation by all the company’s top directors… Read More

Home Depot drives toward simplicity

Home Depot CEO, Frank Blake, and executive VP of all U.S branches, Marvin Ellison, met with business analysts at the Goldman Sachs Retailing Conference in New York to discuss the company’s efforts to simplify nationwide operations. The retail conglomerate presented its intention to increase the speed of supply distribution by implementing key technological improvements to its chain management center…Read More

HD, Lowe’s profit in Q2, remain cautious

In an effort to remain cautious, The Home Depot and Lowe’s slightly downplayed their second quarter gains; citing the present instability in the housing industry as a reason for their tempered positive financial results. 70% of Home Depot’s 40 markets showed an increase, yet the company saw negative comps in the Pacific Northwest and Canada…Read More