Lowe’s Goes Beyond Home Improvement Retailing

In the 1980s, when Lowe’s decided to change from a chain of southeastern contractor yards to a nationwide big-box retailer, the company knew it wouldn’t happen overnight. But a steady vision, stable leadership and good relations with Wall Street made the goal a reality. Today, the North Carolina-based company has more than 1,725 warehouse-sized stores in all 50 states plus Canada and Mexico.

Now it’s time for another change.

(as reported by Brae Canlen of the Home Channel News)

Will Lowe’s Credit Card Help it fight Home Depot?

A 5%-off program from Lowe’s on a new private-label credit card will likely resonate well with the home improvement chain’s consumers, analysts say. “This move will clearly add a catalyst to tilt market share to Lowe’s, in the wake of apparent share loss to Home Depot in recent quarters,” analyst Matthew Fassler of Goldman Sachs wrote in a note to clients.

(As reported in the Financial Post by Hollie Shaw)

Official Home Depot Windows Phone 7 App is Available!

Screen shotAn official The Home Depot App for Windows Phone 7 is now available at their Marketplace. The app will allow you to search all departments within the store, make purchases, locate stores, help you find your way inside the store with a map, display feature products/best deals and gives you access to My Account and My lists.

Consumers Could Curtail Spending in Months Ahead

As reported by RetailingToday.com

Concern about rising energy prices and higher medical costs has many Americans expecting to spend less in the months ahead, a recent Deloitte study revealed. Despite showing no signs of spending less in recent months, the Deloitte survey found that nearly three-quarters (74%) of Americans believe higher prices could slow their spending in the months ahead.  Deloitte’s study also revealed that mobile and social connections are helping shoppers make savvier buying decisions in the wake of the recession.

According to the survey, more than seven out of 10 (71%) respondents cite concerns about higher energy prices, up from 54%at this time last year, and nearly one-half (47%) point to higher medical costs. Additionally, 44% indicate political unrest in other countries as a factor that could cause them to lower their spending.

Highest ranking retailers in customer service

Find out which retailers rank the highest in customer service, as reported by ChainStoreAge.com

Amazon.com, Kohl’s Department Stores and Costco Wholesale ranked tops in customer service. according to a new research report published by market researcher Temkin Group.

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Home Depot to buy back $1 Billion in stock

Home Depot is spending another $ 1 billion to accelerate its plans to buy back its own stock as reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution… (read more)