Full speed ahead at Orchard Supply Hardware

Source: HBS Dealer

Orchard Supply Hardware is still marching toward its expansion goal of 100 stores and $1 billion in sales by 2017. And the San Jose, California-based retailer with deep Golden State roots has learned a thing or two during its journey, according to president Bob Tellier.

The 76-store chain is actively upgrading its fleet into a shopper-friendly “neighborhood format” while finding a comfortable home in various urban locations.

In the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco, Orchard Supply transplanted its 35,000-sq.-ft. store format that — with the help of a catwalk joining two separate buildings — fits into the neighborhood with a full assortment and limited architectural disruption.

“We’re not leveling city blocks to do it; we’re doing creative work,” Tellier said.

That opening followed a new store in Portland, Oregon, built in a former bowling alley, and using remnants from the lanes as store decor that preserves the history of the neighborhood. The company also expanded in La Brea neighborhood of Los Angeles.


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