Costco’s Secret Pricing Code

(Reuters) – As superstore pricing mysteries go, it’s not the equivalent of “The Da Vinci Code,” but there’s still something deliciously elusive about the so-called “Costco Code” that has set the tongues of shopping mavens wagging for the past several months.

At least the plot line is direct enough: If you can interpret what the various sequences of digits and asterisks mean on Costco Wholesale Club price signs, you’re on your way to scoring serious bargains.

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Costco implements new international e-commerce site

Costco Selects Reply and hybris to Implement Its New International E-Commerce Site.

CHICAGO, April 2, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Reply [MTA, STAR: REY], a company specialising in the design and development of enterprise solutions based on new digital media, and hybris software, an SAP company and the world’s fastest-growing commerce platform provider, today announced that they have developed and delivered Costco Wholesale Corporation’s new international e-commerce site,

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Home Depot Cleaning Up This Spring

Home Depot ( HD ) is one of the most fully mature companies on the market, which is to say, they have been around long enough that they have already expanded rapidly in the areas conducive to rapid expansion, fallen into slow growth in areas conducive to slow growth and failed entirely in areas conducive to failure. Their cavernous stores are loved by professionals and do it yourselfers, as well do-it-for-me-ers, and while they do well when people are buying houses, they do just as well when many people are merely renovating. Home Depot shares the market with Lowe’s ( LOW ), of course, and the stores are so similar that they are starkly differentiated only by Home Depot’s deep commitment to a witheringly flat, stale shade of orange.

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